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Canadian Envirotec Inc. is proud to be members in good standings of the following associations:

Environmental Solutions Association

Environmental Assessment Association

Environmental Services Association Of Alberta

Associated Environmental Site Assessors Of Canada

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)


Potential environmental liabilities continue to rise in terms of magnitude and complexity. Today virtually every refinancing or property transaction in the commercial or industrial field requires a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). The purpose of this Site Assessment is to identify any possible soil contaminates that the customer would be financially liable for on the piece of property. This entails a review of past and present operating procedures, historical information and environmental records. We interview persons with knowledge of the property and complete a site reconnaissance of the property and surrounding area. We put all of this in a comprehensive evaluation and decide whether further investigation is required. Our Environmental Site Assessments are conducted according to CSA Standard Z768.


Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are conducted after a Phase I ESA results in information that poses on-site or off-site environmental concerns that require further investigation. Phase II ESA's evaluate groundwater conditions, indicate type, location, and concentrations of contamination and determine the requirement of further investigation or site reclamation. The Phase II ESA may require samples of surface and subsurface soils, groundwater and drinking water. These assessments are completed to determine the need for site reclamation to prevent environmental liability due to government regulations. Phase II ESA determines the existence of contaminates through visual confirmation, field sampling and laboratory analysis of samples. Phase III ESA determines the actual extent of contamination.

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