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Canadian Envirotec Inc. is proud to be members in good standings of the following associations:

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Soil Reclamation/Restoration

&nbspCanadian Envirotec Inc has teamed up with Regenesis to offer a proven, well-documented alternative to traditional soil reclamation practices. This program is in the infancy stage in Canada but has been proven in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. With this technology we have the ability to reclaim soil under parking lots, buildings and parks without having to excavate, destroy structures or interfere with day-to-day operations. We can treat the soil on site, saving the customer thousands of dollars. Our products can be introduced to the contaminated site by using one of several different methods; Direct Push Injection; Backhoe; Directional Drilling; or Dust and Fill. A big advantage to using the Direct Push Injection method is that weather and soil type is no longer a factor. This method can be used on a day that is -40° in clay conditions or on a +40° in loom conditions.

Typical ORC and HRC Application Methods

Excavation Treatment
Designed to treat residual soil contamination left behind after an excavation has been undertaken. These approaches are often implemented after the bulk concentrations of petroleum or chlorinated solvents have been removed leaving sorbed and dissolved contaminants to be treated.

Source Area Treatment
Designed to degrade contaminents at the "source" or main area of concentration within certain calculatable limits. Sources of contamination may occur in difficult to reach places, i.e. beneath structures or buildings. The goal of this approach is source contaminent reduction and removal.

Migrating Plume Treatment
This approach is designed to reduce migrating groundwater contamination. Plume treatment is typically accomplished by arranging a grid of injection points throughout the estimated plume area and applying ORC or HRC as directed. The goal of this approach is to reduce migrating contaminents in the plume.

Barrier Installations
Also termed "plume cut-off," this approach is designed to create a barrier of ORC or HRC between property lines and/or down gradient sensitive receptors. The goal of this approach is to reduce the likelihood of contaminent migration and the liability associated with off site impacts.

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