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Canadian Envirotec Inc. is proud to be members in good standings of the following associations:

Environmental Solutions Association

Environmental Assessment Association

Environmental Services Association Of Alberta

Associated Environmental Site Assessors Of Canada

Industrial VOC Reduction/Control Program

Canadian Envirotec works with the systems already installed within your facility in order to enhance and complement their ability to clean the air. We conduct a five-phase approach to the problem:

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 1. Determine the efficiency of equipment now being employed.

2. Determine the amounts and types of stack emissions.

3. Define objectives.

4. Make recommendations.

5. Implement or enhance systems.

Past experience has proven that treating just the stack emissions is not enough. In light of that Canadian Envirotec has a series of cost effective ways to further reduce your emissions. Our systems are engineered around your company's personal needs. These systems have been thoroughly scrutinized and are industry proven to reduce overall stack emissions, odors and improve effluent quality. The systems also reduce regular wear and tear on equipment, making it overall cheaper to conduct business. We have proven that we can lower a company's emission to below national and provincial air emission standards.


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