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Canadian Envirotec Inc. is proud to be members in good standings of the following associations:

Environmental Solutions Association

Environmental Assessment Association

Environmental Services Association Of Alberta

Associated Environmental Site Assessors Of Canada

Wastewater Enhancement Programs


Our goal is to reduce wastewater problems and make the wastewater safe for the environment. Depending on the site and types of contaminate CEI has the ability to treat wastewater to a point where it can be used as grey water. This grey water can then be used to wash equipment and floors and even be used to cool your facility. Implementing a grey water system not only lowers your operating expenditures, but it also gives you the ability to operate when water rationing is implemented without losing productivity. These grey water systems have been employed around the world for years - it is a proven and safe technology.


CEI pre-treats the effluent before it reaches the wastewater treatment facility, which not only improves the infrastructures ability to move wastewater but also allows the wastewater treatment plant to operate more cost effectively. We identify major contributors (lift stations, fast food establishments, food processing companies, etc.) then treat their wastewater biologically and through aeration to improve the effluent quality. Our aeration process doesn't require equipment, power, or even large capital expenditures. We use a compound called ORC (oxygen release compound) which we place in a semi-permeable sock and insert into the sewer line. As the ORC is dissolved it releases large quantities of oxygen, which speeds up the natural process of bio-augmentation. This in turn allows for lower operating expenditures and reduced problems caused by back ups and flooded basements.


A quote from the Environmental Engineering Magazine, 1996 states, "Decades of neglect or grossly inadequate maintenance of some systems are two reasons why wastewater collection systems now require over 42.9 billion dollars worth of rehabilitation and upgrading between now (1996) and 2010 at a time when the economy can ill afford the costs" In March 1996, the Ontario Sewer and Water Main Construction Association had this, in part, to say in a news release, "Even with MAP (Municipal Assistance Program), which has provided about $450 million dollars over the past two years, Ontario will require a staggering $1.8 billion dollars annually for the next 15 years to just restore and maintain the existing systems excluding any new growth."

The bylaws are in place to recover costs associated with over strength wastewater damages to the infrastructure and the costs to treat them. Municipalities have the will to enforce the bylaws, but due to their heavy workload and commitments, do not have the resources nor the manpower to completely enforce them.

Canadian Envirotec has the equipment and the manpower required to perform the probe tests. By subcontracting us we will conduct precise and impartial tests on the effluent entering the public wastewater stream and provide the municipality a listing of the results so that they can in turn invoice the companies responsible for the violations.

Benefits of this program:

1. Affordable enforcement of over strength bylaws.
2. Capital cost recovery for infrastructure repairs and replacement.
3. Early detection of substances that could affect public safety.


All testing is in compliance with municipal wastewater bylaws and the levels directed
within them. The following is a list of the key substances that over strength wastewater
bylaws look and charge for:

  • BOD levels (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • COD levels (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • G&O amounts (Grease and Oil)
  • Suspended Solids
  • TKN (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen)

    All information and laboratory results are the property of the municipality and are
    considered as confidential in content.

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