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Canadian Envirotec Inc. is proud to be members in good standings of the following associations:

Environmental Solutions Association

Environmental Assessment Association

Environmental Services Association Of Alberta

Associated Environmental Site Assessors Of Canada

Environmental Services

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Canadian Envirotec provides practical solutions to environmental engineering challenges. The impact of environmental issues on budgets and schedules can make or break the success of a business venture. From environmental assessments to site remediation, regulatory compliance and odor control services, we combine our knowledge of local conditions and regulations with our national resources to deliver solutions that make good business sense. We work closely with the client to achieve success, on time and on budget.

Our corporate profile and Service Catalogue is availible for download in PDF format -Service Catalogue & Pricing -CEI Corporate Profile 06/07
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- Air Scrubbers - VOC, Greenhouse Gas and Stack Emissions
- Reduction/Removal of Green House Gas Emissions
- Reduction/Removal of VOC's
- Control/Removal of Odor Emissions
- Installation or Enhancement of Air Scrubber Systems
- Evaporative Cooling Systems
- Mold Identification and Remediation
- Odor Control and Air Quality Management Systems

Oil and Gas Industry

- Lease Development and Reclamation
- Pipeline Environmental Inspections
- Sampling and Analysis
- Small Oil and Gas Site Decommissioning and Reclamation
- Spill Response and Site Rehabilitation
- Surface Water Oil Spill Containment and Recovery

General Environmental and Health and Safety Issues

- Air Quality Assessment
- Air Quality and Heat Control through Evaporative Cooling Systems
- Chemical Control and Management Systems (Storage)
- Emergency Spill Planning Response and Control
- Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's)
- Environmental Site Assessments (ESA's) - Phase I / II / III
- Local Site Clean-Ups
- Mold Identification and Remediation
- Odor Control and Management Systems
- Pollution Prevention - P2 Compliance - a component of Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


- Bioremediation
- Contaminated Soil Removal or Treatment
- Golf Greens
- Oil Field Waste
- Plant Growth Activator
- Reclamation
- Restoration
- Rehabilitation
- Soil Enhancement and Increased Productivity (agricultural)
- Soil Aeration, Hydration and Normalization
- Thatch Control and Lawn Care

Water / Groundwater

- Water Restoration / Enhancement
- Groundwater Contamination Bio-Attenuation
- Dissolved Metal Removal from Groundwater
- Bioremediation of Chlorinated Compounds in Groundwater
- Monitoring, Control and Treatment
- Lake Eutrophication Reversal /Slowdown Process
- Fish bearing and Non-Fish Bearing Water Restoration
- Fish Farming


- Industrial Wastewater Enhancement Programs
- Municipal Wastewater Enhancement Programs
- Independent Effluent Monitoring and Testing for Municipalities
- Fundamentals of Effluent Testing
- Waste Management Minimization and Utilization
- Reduce environmental liability
- Increase operating efficiency
- Treat wastewater discharge and evaporation ponds
- Monitor, control and treat industrial effluent
- Reduce surcharges

General Services

Analytical Methods and Procedures - Laboratory and Testing Practices

We have the ability to conduct field and laboratory testing of air, water, wastewater and soil. Our laboratories are not certified - results are used for contaminate identification and to gauge progress of the program. This gives us the ability to get faster results and to monitor the system and make adjustments as required. When verification of lab results is required, tests are performed at a certified lab location.

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